New job, new world! Red Hat, here I go

The year was, i guess, 2001. A few geeks, me included, in a bedroom, trying their first Linux commands and trying to connect a 28.8k modem to the internet (Damn, it didn’t work, maybe an external 33.6 Zoltrix modem would work…). Kernel was 2.2. Linux distribution was Redhat 7.0 (or 7.1, I don’t remember well). There was a war going on regarding gcc. Issues with 2.4 kernel. Information was lacking but Open Source community was strong, I would say at its peak.

Now, more than 20 years had gone and Linux is a totally different think. Modern, well documented, easy to install, robust, secure…

So, I am very proud and humble by announcing I’m now joining one of the companies responsible for making Linux the best OS around. Thank you @Red Hat for having me and having such a big contribution for Linux and Open Source communities overall.

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